Innovation in EV infrastructure.
We are aggregating energy for the greater good.
We re-energise electric vehicles across New Zealand using
de-centralised lithium-based battery storage solutions.
Industrial EV Charging

Decentralised Energy Storage

The WATT BOX is a versatile mobile, all in one charging unit. It stores energy and is able to deliver charge to multiple electrical appliances, vehicles and machinery.

The WATT BOX charger is also suited to business, agriculture, marine and construction sectors – which require on the spot power in everyday and challenging off grid and emergency circumstances.

WATT BOX provides two 11kW EV chargers which provides up to 50km of (snack charge) extra driving range for EV owners. As a bonus while the EV owner waits they can get super-fast internet access via a Starlink satellite connection. The WATT BOX has a complete communications and cloud based billing system embedded. As a backup power station, it is highly versatile in assisting in peak power management, community surge demand and for emergency management.

The 80 kWh version fits in a 10 ft shipping container and is available now.



CALLING ALL CARS* ... come joing us for this wonderful, exciting inaugeral event.

Clockwise around Coromandel. 222km's
Two days of festive all electric car fun.

* ALL ELECTRIC ONLY. NO Hybrids or Internal Combustion Engines. Planning for 150 vehicles. Charging Stations. Driver Training, tips and tricks, the best of EV driving in NZ.


Innovating in decentralised charging infrastructure for a modern nation-wide EV fleet.

As a B2B company, predominantly working with industrial suppliers, utility companies, power gentailers and the razor edge of smart thinkers across our nation.
We are working on developments that enable piezoelectric, thermoelectric, electromagnetic, and photovoltaic techniques to be utilised for harvesting and wider generation of energy. 
We’re solving the difficult issues, proposing the bigger picture and architecting advances in electrical infrastructure.

Mobilising the recharge experience

Whilst we are a small and agile team of business people, electrical engineers and architects, we also spend a lot of time in our EV’s. We’ve experienced the pain points of re-charging, dealt with range anxieties but thoroughly enjoy our winding back country roads. We just need more accessible energy in these places.

Emergency Back-ups /

Battery tankers /

Battery Upcycling /

Lithium Clustering /

Microgrid Storage /

Energy Harvesting /

Vehicle to Load solutions /

We foresee great advances in mobilisation of energy, porting of energy to alternative source points; V2H (vehicle to home) + V2V (vehicle to vehicle), and V2L (vehicle to load – powering tools and tents alike).
We’re facilitating the ability to push the envelope to make exciting projects happen.
Overall, it will be the versatility of your EV and the energy contained within, that will empower the future.


Energy Management /


Battery tankers /


Second-life battery Upcycling /


Lithium Clustering /


Microgrid Storage /


Energy Harvesting /


Vehicle to Load solutions /

Recent news and thoughts

Air to Air

Air to air refuelling may be the best metaphor to explain some of our rationale in developing new systems and solutions to our EV battery recharging market proposition.


Formation of an EV Track Racing Team. We are advancing the adaptation of a Tesla S to take on the lead footed crowd with lithium; We’re quite certain V8’s prove a unviable match to the power of kilowatts.

The GEO 40 effect

We had the privilege of visiting the Ohaaki basin near Taupo; what a bubbling valley of delight along side the Waikato River. Mike and the team have the first of a kind distillation tank in operation - taking geothermal brine and silca for settling and extraction of trace lithium granules. Amazing!